Fathom Farewell – Consume The Earth (New Music)

Holy vocals! Worcester based Fathom Farewell have just released “Consume the Earth”, and it’s blowing our minds. The track is the first single and title track from the bands upcoming EP. Forming in 2012, Fathom Farewell are Brandon Hursey (guitar), Alex Cohen (vocals), Kyle Shays (drums), Jared Moore (bassist).

Premiering on The Noise, “Consume the Earth” is instantly enthralling with a ridiculously powerful voice coming from vocalist Alex Cohen that seems to hover effortlessly above the band’s impressive post-hardcore/metalcore trunk . Easily drawing in for a listener, the track offers relentless strength in sound, and its unfolding story is an invitation to learn more about what Fathom Farewell are passionate about.

Alex considers “Consume the Earth” as a projection of his interpretation of perceptions of the world by the current generation. “We all are consumed by society pulling us in so many different directions as we grow that so many of us wind up confused about what we are meant to do with our lives. This causes a lot of depression and even aggression. Our heart pulls us one way while the work we need to do to survive pulls us in the other in most cases, leaving us feeling as though our dreams may never see the light of day to free us from the constant pain of feeling as though our lives aren’t unfolding the way we had hoped for. We hope to inspire others to allow their dreams to see the light of day in spite of whatever may need to be done to survive.” 

“You’ll never see forever with your hands around your heart”

Alex also refers to “Consume the Earth” as relating to being consumed by fear of the unknown and leaning onto authorities with questionable intentions. “Many emotions came into play when writing this song for all of us and it all can be summarized by the concept that life can either be a paradise or a prison depending on your outlook and how you decide to live your life.” 

New to the band, it doesn’t surprise me at all to learn that the Massachusetts band have played Vans Warped Tour (four times), as well as played in support of Sevendust, The Devil Wears Prada, Volumes, Emmure, I Prevail, as well as joining The Plot In You tour next month (with Greyhaven, Half Hearted, and The Worst Of Us).

Palpably driven, passionate, and sharing messages close to their heart, “Consume the Earth” is an impressive invitation to listen to Fathom Farewell. Check out the track with it’s music video below. You can also find the track in our Spotify playlist HERE.


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