Falling In Reverse – Fuck You And All Your Friends (New Music)

The most vicious revenge song of the year now has a music video! Falling In Reverse have released a video for “Fuck You And All Your Friends”. Fourth on their Coming Home album, the track is a no-holds-barred hate song toward someone who used to be a best friend.

The (intensely shakily filmed) music video goes as punk as possible, giving grittiness to this ‘how dare you!’ anthem. The band members are captured thrashing around with fans while turning their musical prowess toward a relentless tale of how a duo went sour. The track is rumoured to be about former Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman.

“You’re always searching for the next best thing
And it’s for the better
So I guess best friends don’t last forever”

As we shared in our review of Coming Home, in “Fuck You And All Your Friends” vocalist Ronnie Radke says what you might wish you could say about that person that broke your trust and threw your relationship away, if you weren’t too busy trying to contain it or be nice. There’s freedom in this honest expression and listening to songs like this is an invitation to get real with yourself.

Falling In Reverse always seem to have this tongue-in-cheek humour and theatrical vibe going on and this aggressive track is no different. The “la la la, la la la / Fuck you and all your friends” build up to the last chorus features one person at a time, creating a ‘look at my gang’ feel to the message. But the collective of punk badasses soon turn their badassery toward each other, and a brawl and accidental fire ends with them all out in the gutter, bloodied and exhausted. Love it!

Check out the video below. Try not to take it too seriously!


Kel Burch

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