Abyss, Watching Me – Apart (Track Of The Day, 20th November)

Back in January, Abyss, Watching Me were the very first band we wrote about on Depth Mag! We shared the band’s single “Trustfall”. Since then, the Prague based five piece have gone through a line-up change as well as been busy playing amazing shows, including with In Hearts WakeOceans Ate Alaska, Bad Omens as well as Summer festivals.

Now Abyss, Watching Me, with members of Egor Erushin, Martin Krejčík, Václav Bečvář, Nikita Tarassenko and Jenny Čermáková are back with new music. They released “Apart” via those legendary people at Dreambound yesterday, and are working behind the scenes on an album. “Apart” is our Track Of The Day today.

With a searching and aching introduction, “Apart” soon expresses a situation of two that were together, and no longer are. Time is passing, but resolution isn’t coming, for one of them at least. Clean vocals are calling out for help to make their pain go away, and the guitar work feels like turmoil at wanting an outcome that can’t seem to come.

“No doubt you’ve got to know me
Enough to leave me broken again
But I will prevail.”

Heavy/unclean vocals express the brokenness felt within and the state of insecurity he’s now found himself in after the handling of this separation.

The beautiful bridge captures vulnerable moment of insistence, seeking in his own desperation for the connection they used to have, even if it’s faked. A looped sounding riff at the outro echoes the relentlessness of this situation.

Check out “Apart” with its music video below, and stay up to date with Abyss, Watching Me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbyssWatchingMe/


Kel Burch

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