Following on from where they left off with their self-titled EP, DREGG are back at it today, releasing a new single and music video “RETURN OF THE DREGG”. The hardcore massiveness of the new track isn’t heralding the ‘return’ of the band themselves though, it’s a reminder of the creative potential of the artform of music.

When we connected with DREGG’s frontman Chris Mackertich earlier this year (‘The Dregg-ilosophy!’), it became clear how passionate this collective of musicians are about the way they conduct themselves and the way they create. They want to do it differently, be their unique selves, shun the ego, and express yourself openly without harming others.

“RETURN OF THE DREGG” takes an even more brazen approach from DREGG in showing themselves to the world. As one example, Chris stands in front of a Nissan Micra and shares a very noticeable kiss; serving to weed out any homophobes within the band’s followers. The kiss is a full-blown DREGG flavoured feature to include.

When I asked about what inspired the inclusion of the kiss, Chris shared “To be honest the kiss started as a joke. I said it to my friend Chloe when we were fucked up at a party and she kinda just gee’d me up hard and was like ‘Fuck it, just do it. Show everyone who you are’. I’ve always been semi open about my sexuality in DREGG but just wanted to showcase who I was a bit more. If people don’t like it I couldn’t give a fuck! [laughs] We looked hot as doing it.”

“I’m so sick of your lyrics
They all sound the same”

“RETURN OF THE DREGG” doesn’t hold back nor mince words (“Here’s the shit I never said.”). Despite DREGG’s openness as a band, Chris acknowledges that they’ve withheld their opinions for some time before hitting a point of frustration. They’re now aiming and firing at the scene they exist within. “There’s so much generic bullshit in this scene that’s produced just to make a few people a quick buck. That isn’t fair on kids. They idolise bands and become invested in them.” 

“Basically when we say ‘RETURN OF THE DREGG’ we don’t mean the band. What we mean is: This is the return of the people that get called ‘the Dreggs’. The shit kickers, the dropouts, the broke kids. The kids that this scene seems to have forgotten about. That’s who we’re here to represent and support.”

The creative element of music is what Chris and DREGG feels should drive the music, with full transparency. The band are walking their talk with the new track, being even more themselves in the name of protesting the generic. “When I find out a band I like is doing something just to keep up with what the industry is doing, it turns me off the band. When I find out a band isn’t being honest about their views, opinions, or what they believe, it makes it very hard to take it as art. People are too easily offended these days, everyone needs to just loosen up and be open to discussing ideas.”

“I’ll be a Dregg ’til I’m dead”

Shot in two distinct scenes, Chris describes the first as ‘a bunch of creative people collectively getting together to make art’, and the second scene as the opposite (it’s eerily bizarre seeing the members of DREGG all wearing the exact same thing). “It’s a piss take at how bands can spend months writing, putting their heart into lyrics and music, and then to visually represent it they go and hire the same old photography studio everyone does and pretend to play in front of it. It’s lame, it’s dull and we’re over it. So we did something about it.”

The result is a hard-hitting piece of new wave hardcore that slams in sound and message. Watch via YouTube, or steam via the usual places. “RETURN OF THE DREGG” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Sam Yates, and the music video was created by Josh Hanson.


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