Diamond Construct – Submerged (New Music)

Just when you think Greyscale Records already have an impressive bunch of bands on their roster, they go ahead and add Diamond Construct to the family! We copped the Taree-based four piece on stage in support of Thornhill at Wrangler Studios last month, and they blew our minds with their sound existing in a sweet spot between intense massiveness, and more intimate and emotive soundscapes

Along with the news of their signing to Greyscale Records, Diamond Construct share their fresh track “Submerged”, coupled with a cinematic music video courtesy of Ed Reiss. The track is produced by the band, with mixing and mastering courtesy of Lance Prenc. The quartet consists of Kynan Groundwater (vocals), Braden Groundwater (guitar), Adam Kilpatrick (drums), and Alex Ford (bass).

From the outset, “Submerged” hits with unsettling urgency, where the weight of inadequacy pulls down upon the protagonist. Pummeling drums reinforce what feels like an overwhelming point of no return. Looping angular riff savagery paints the severity of sinking into a pit of darkness and a war within the self. With nothing left to give, we plunge into heaviness in the darkness of isolation, which is brilliantly expressed/acted in the video by Kynan Groundwater.

“You’ll never know what it’s like for them to be there
while I’m drowning in the next room”

Though a momentary pause/interlude could be seen as surrendering to the situation, nothing is improving and there’s no happy ending on the horizon. The droning state of suspension seems to only serve for more life to be breathed into the darkness, and we’re then shown a confrontation between two parts of the self. With a literal and emotional submersion with a realisation that “I did this to myself, and I know there’s no one else”, it hits hard that there is little hope to hold onto.

Echoing this concept of emotionally drowning, Kynan shared that the track lyrically came from “a time where personally, things were sinking”. Coming together reasonably quickly musically, Kynan considers “Submerged” to herald a new direction in sound for the band, and a taste of what’s to come.

Check out “Submerged” below via YouTube. You can also catch Diamond Construct live on the Alpha Wolf x Justice For The Damned ‘Survival Of The Riffest’ Tour. [More info]


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