Death From Above – Caught Up (Track Of The Day, 21st September)

Our Track Of The Day today is smoking hot.

Jesse Keeler and Sebastien Grainger are Death From Above and they’ve just dropped an incredible album Outrage! Is Now on 8th September. Third on the album is “Caught Up”.

“Caught Up” is sex-fused guitar grittiness and darkness. Flirtatious riffs and confidently strutting drums are wingmen to a lyrical tête-à-tête. It’s a quest to be let into the world of another and inviting them to lose their inhibitions together, while still maintaining some sense of self-respect.

He’s drawn and magnetised to this person, but doesn’t want to become a salivating dog to their ringing bell (‘like all the other guys’).

“Tell me one thing you’ve lied about
Take all our fears and drink them out
All the way out”

He asks to be shown what’s in her heart and in her head, wanting to stretch the way she thinks. The reality of life feels heavy to him, but she seems like the antidote and he wants to lose himself in her.

With a climbing shift after the second chorus, the vibe of this situation amps up; taking the experience from drenched yet tentative smitten-ness into electrified deep immersion into this world with her. It’s a love/lust-hate relationship which takes effort for him to pull himself out of and make sure he’s not a loser that’s so caught up in her.

It’s brilliantly done and the clarity of sound is incredible. Listen:


Kel Burch

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