Aburden -They Say (feat. Christopher Vernon) (Track Of The Day, 29th June)

Melbourne melodic hardcore band Aburden carry a beautiful intensity in their music. This is the case whether experiencing them via a recording or in the flesh.

Their EP My Old Friend feels like an experience told via the sonic ‘chapter’ of each song; with a connective thread of separation, broken hearts and enduring pain through the ‘story’.

“They Say” is the closing track on My Old Friend and pulls the pieces together from the previous tracks and stands as a finale and end to the story. It’s heart-achingly heavy, capturing the weight of things not getting better after years of pain.

“They say ‘One day you’ll be fine’
‘One day you’ll be fine’
They said that my whole goddamn life
Goddamn life”

Mason Forster’s spoken/unclean vocals consistently hit the emotional mark, never shying away from the rawness and realness that’s being expressed, with Kyle Burrows adding melodic grounding with his clean vocals.  The track musically tells a story, gaining force after a moment of peacefulness, then taking a third person angle with Christopher Vernon describing lyrically what has happened to our struggling ‘main character’. It is a pleasure to immerse into the tracks of My Old Friend as the story unfolds, with all of its elements and emotions.

“They Say” was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Christopher Vernon, and written by Christopher Vernon and Aburden. It’s a powerful track, and is so very moving when witnessed live.

Aussies, don’t miss your chance to do that:

Here’s “They Say”.

Image courtesy of Corey Bonadiesi.

Kel Burch

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