Deadlights – Everything All At Once (Track Of The Day, 26th July)

If you haven’t checked out Deadlights‘ album Mesma yet, and you’re a fan of meaningful music, intriguing timings and the magical combination of clean and unclean vocals, you should stop everything you’re doing right now and go listen.

Mesma is on heavy rotation here, especially in the lead-up to this weekend when Deadlights will be heading down from their Brisbane base to celebrate Alpha Wolf‘s (sold out!) Mono album launch at Wrangler Studios Melbourne.

One particular track on repeat today is “Everything All At Once”. Fifth on Mesma, “Everything All At Once” is an epic of a track that seems to somehow be a combination of sweet escapism and heavy understandings.

“Floating through the halls an inch above ground.
Nobody’s home and I settle to the sound.”

The track continues Mesma‘s focus of us existing as vibrational beings, seeming to speak about self-awareness through the journey of life and the concept of seeing the entire experience of time in one moment.

As we move through the track, there’s a dance from soaring lightness track into dense complexity, mirroring the wrestling with the concept of death as well as a sense of resignation of how things are in this life experience.

“The lights are on but no one’s home,
And if you looked inside you’d see how empty I am again.”

 I checked in with vocalist Dylan Davidson about the track. He kindly shared that “Everything All At Once” is about someone who can see their past, present, and future simultaneously. He described that the track is about how the person would feel to be “living their life with no surprises and knowing exactly when death is coming for them.”

The whole 4:16 of this epic track is both beautiful and captivating. We can only hope the guys play it live. As well as supporting the Alpha Wolf launch show, Deadlights will also be with Alpha Wolf (and Cursed Earth) on the Thy Art Is Murder ‘Death Sentence’ tour. More details on that here:



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