DBMK Tour Diary Entry 1: Boxing Gloves

Today is June 1st err… actually it’s June 2nd now, and I’m driving south on Interstate 4 from Plant City, Florida. Sitting next to me in the passenger seat is DBMK’s creative director and touring videographer, Phil DuDeVoire; the drummer and youngest member of DBMK, Colton Ward, sits in the backseat with his elbow propped up on the door.  The new Bleachers album just came out and we had soaked in every song up until track six.

We just finished our fourth rehearsal for the Little Less Alone Tour and we’re almost through flushing out the entire set. I’m still not 100% on that name, but it seems like the right thing to do so far. I was torn between “Little Less Alone” and “Little More Alive” – both lyric clippings from our song, Boxing Gloves, but in the end I think we opted for “Little Less Alone” in effort to be less dark than we usually are. Lol.

The tour is actually happening and the feelings that come with that are finally finding their way into focus. Up until now, June 26 seemed like a square on the calendar so very far away. It’s been all about dates, dates, dates for the past few months as I’ve booking this tour, and then suddenly my plane from Boston to Tampa touched down and I’m propelled head first into the music again- which I’m so eternally grateful for.

It’s really great to see the rest of the guys buzzing excitedly about the tour, and these rehearsals are making it take shape. So for the past few days it’s been a series of load in, load out, set up, tear down, make changes to the keyboard rig, make more changes to the keyboard rig, make our setup time faster, make it even faster, stop for coffee, push out the returning realizations that sometimes I feel like a solicitor, plug in cables, drive back to my place.

We sit in the car for the last minute or so of Gone Now, Going to bed these days feels not unlike a jet airplane trying to slow down on the runway. We maneuver quickly through the night time and that’s probably how it will always be – the way I prefer it.





Kyle Knudsen

Creator of cinematic and atmospheric music with DBMK.

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