Daybreak Take Us Behind The Scenes Of ‘Godfather’

Following on from 2017’s Death Dreams, Perth based Daybreak are today releasing a three track EP Godfather. The band have kindly given us a behind the scenes look at how the EP and its songs came to be. Here’s insights into Godfather courtesy of vocalist Shaun Cox.


“Writing this EP lyrically was pretty stressful. The instrumentals were finished and recorded, lyrics for “Bad Boy” and “Godfather” were finished, but I hadn’t started “Therapy” yet. We had tours and local headliners booked and I didn’t even have an idea what to write the song about. I ended up deciding to write about what was going on at that exact moment.

“As a young band, we feel like we’re only just realising our potential, having a short time frame and being under all this pressure with this release was either going to make or break us. We’re now more focused than ever, we know what our goals are this time, it won’t just be a hobby on the side, this is our passion and the four of us are going to pour everything we have into this band. “Therapy” is a precursor for the rest of our time as a band together, and the Godfather EP is the first installment of a new, more measured Daybreak.”

“It seems to me you found your peace
But where you’re going, I’m not following”

Bad Boy

“So the area we’re from, by no stretch of the imagination could be labeled ‘rough’. However, there seems to be a bit of an influential plague amongst people our age. A lot of these guys grew up alongside us, but were sucked into a cringe-worthy culture where they would pretend to be this really hard gangster type, but in reality, are far from it.

“The track is basically us laying their future out in front of them. “Bad Boy” definitely came together the easiest lyrically. Each section is nice and open which left a lot of space to rant. One of our good mates Coen McNamara has done a few guesties live for us, so I thought it would be dope to get someone who’s not in a band on a track, just a genuine mate that we thought would fit the part. Also, our drummer Sammy boy spat a few bars himself which has turned out sick.”

“So run around acting hard
But is that really who the fuck you are?”


“There’s too much to explain lyrically in this track. There is no filler lines here, each line can be unpacked and is accurate to the events that inspired this song. I know explaining the lyrics comes with the territory of writing songs but, explaining this one is a rabbit hole. The connection I have to this song is far deeper than any of our previous tracks. The first line of “Godfather” tells you what it’s about, and the lyrics that follow paints the rest of the picture.”

“I was told about the passing of someone I know”

Listen to Daybreak’s Godfather EP here:

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