Caged Existence – Liar’s Tongue (New Music)

Caged Existence seemed to come out of nowhere, get pretty big pretty quickly, and NOW they’re heading to Europe. Massive congratulations are in order for this hype heavy group of stage stompers. Caged Existence are no strangers to bringing a bit of oomph to the heavy scene and they’ve brought out the next step in their short but successful career.

“Liar’s Tongue” has been revealed as the debut single from their sophomore EP The Burden of Purpose, which will be released on the June 14th 2019. With the release of the new single, the group have cemented themselves as a band that is ready to consistently bring out tracks that are going to win over fans in huge numbers and make a fortune for the reinforced concrete industry. This track is a stomper for sure; do not listen on grandmother’s newly laid tiles.

“Liar’s Tongue”‘s guitar tones are very similar to those used on prior songs such as their self-titled track, “Caged Existence”, however, the tone holds a lot more weight. Each chug is complemented by some bass filled kick and killer drum work. We’re presented with the distinct growls and yells that have become a trademark of Caged Existence. I feel like this song would be so much fun to play on bass because whilst not as prominent through my new garbage headphones, I can still hear some serious heavy bass chug in the background and I am a fan. This group sounds extremely cohesive, they know what they’re doing when it comes down to presentation and content and because of this they are quickly accruing an audience of diehard listeners.

Instrumentally, the music isn’t complicated and in no way does it need to be. However, I mention its simplicity due to the fact that Caged Existence is a ‘No Bullshit’ band. It’s not dressed up, it’s all raw anger and expression that just so happens to get you in a head bop mood. There’s the occasional groove when they throw in some tasty chords like those present in (to mention again) their self-titled track, “Caged Existence”. Yet, the majority of the time I feel Caged Existence brings a certain mindset to their music which is, “Yeah, we’re Caged Existence. Be cool to each other, let’s party, and also we’re gonna rip your face off, if you don’t mind.” I suppose I can just sum it up with “this band is tight and they’re getting better.”

“You are nothing to no one anymore.”

By way of meaning, we are given a sense of utter frustration and acknowledgement of someone who is nothing but a negative vice on the life of our protagonist. Thematically this song seems to both revere and despise the individual referenced. I’m unsure of whether this is a concept song about a character or inspired by a real person. If it’s about a real someone? You pissed off the wrong lyricist. There’s a lot going on grammatically in “Liar’s Tongue”; our lyricist has chosen some intense subject matter and with that comes a flurry of metaphorical phrases and some word choice.

“Liar’s Tongue” seems to explicitly refer to the negative connotation and severe impact on the lyricist by the subject which is now over, as the subject has ceased to be worth giving any time, energy or thought. I feel we are made to know that this person or character they are referring to is a manipulative, weak-willed, and draining individual. This song sounds visceral, angry, and like a hell of a track to play live. 

I have no doubt that this song is going to be – if it isn’t already – a hit with their live crowd who are going to reciprocate with some serious movement.

Caged Existence have now left to go on their European Tour with Cruel Hand, Kublai Khan, and Knocked Loose. If you’re over there, I suggest you get some tickets because this is a high energy mashup. Details:

Listen to “Liar’s Tongue” below and pre-order The Burden of Purpose via


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