Dangerkids – Kill Everything (New Music)

Dangerkids have a new track out today!

Kill Everything

“Kill Everything” is the first track on Dangerkids’ upcoming album, blacklist_.

If you’re not familiar with the band, Dangerkids are Tyler Smyth, Andy Bane, Katie Cole, Alex Asch, and Jake Bonham, and have an addictive post hardcore sound.

“Kill Everything” is another awesome track from Dangerkids. It means business. “Kill Everything” is in your face with raps, electronic effects, force field generating riffs, ‘we are HERE’ beats, raunchy bassline and roars. We love the electronic distortion and the impressive drops. It’s grounded and strong and hits hard throughout and is a perfect way to start the blacklist_ album.

Dangerkids kick off The End Is Here tour today with Falling In Reverse, Issues, Motionless In White, and Dead Girls Academy. If you’re quick you might be able to get tickets here.

Check out “Kill Everything” and tell us what you think on Twitter or Facebook.


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