Crossfaith – FREEDOM (Track Of The Day, 26th August)

This track hits like a m*therf*cker. Japan’s metal/electronica band Crossfaith have joined forces with Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari and created “FREEDOM”. “FREEDOM” joins “Diavolos” and “Rockstar Steady” on the FREEDOM EP, released 4th August.

Ken, Kazuki, Hiro, Teru and Tatsuya are immersed in a futuristic world where the threat of machines controlling and containing them is very real.

Sirens wail as the five together with Rou work toward their aim; to break free, and take back their world and find a home. It’s heart-in-your-throat vibes as the quest for escape is palpable.

Rou’s rap is skin-crawling in anticipation and his storytelling adds to the urgency expressed in heavy riffs grinding up against electro-collisions.

“Can you contemplate the freedom on a plate?
Keeping an adamant goal, we march with soul
But they chase us, they CHASE US!”

It’s high energy and intense from the outset as souls try to evade the villains that would rather they stay under their regulation than gain freedom.

The whole thing is badass and is our Track Of The Day today. Check out the video as well as the FREEDOM EP.



Kel Burch

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