Concrete Surfers – My Life On Repeat (New Music)

Brisbane boys, Concrete Surfers have kicked off 2019 with their new single, “My Life On Repeat” from their upcoming EP of the same name. The single dropped with an announcement of the band’s second release promising to be a more refined product. The self-described cement-punk act have pieced together a relatable song to surround yourself with. The six-track My Life on Repeat EP will feature its title track as well as the previously released singles, “VCR” and “Miscommunication”.

“My Life On Repeat” deals with monotony and the predictability of everyday living. It’s made for and by the people unsure of what life’s next big step is; not knowing what path to take. The Surfers are a great example of the reprising California beach-punk culture, going hand in hand with fellow acts like Los Scallywags and Pist Idiots. It feels as though the harsh vocals, in comparison to the previous releases, are an angry fireback at life itself. It’s a rebellion against everything that’s boring and routine.

It feels to be their biggest statement piece yet, boasting some fantastic instrumentation. The real thing of beauty within the track is its bridge, featuring a killer guitar solo and breakdown. I found it to really subvert my expectations of a garage-punk song, it is washy and wailing with a slight hint of zest. “My Life On Repeat” is over before I know it and I’m left finding myself with their song on repeat.

Concrete Surfers will be riding the wave down the east coast very soon with a single release tour. Make sure to come out and hang ten with our Brissy mates. In the meantime, check out “My Life On Repeat”!

[Image credit: Harley Jones]
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