Concealed In Clouds – Dewdrops (Track Of The Day, 3rd March)

We never thought we’d hear a metalcore track where the subject matter is nature. Concealed In Clouds are the pioneers of the sub-genre of ‘plantcore’, where their heavy and passionate musical forces are focused on elements of life around us, such as flowers and weather. The result is breathtaking.a

This group from Scandinavia are working on a new album that we are waiting with bated breath for. In the meantime we have their powerful tracks to continue to play, and our Track Of The Day today is one of them: “Dewdrops”.

“Dewdrops” is like a beautiful blanket of clouds, stars, flowers and sunlight patchworked together with golden thread.

“The tranquility I feel
As I conceal myself in clouds
In thunder and in raindrops
A home in lights and sounds
The sun may start to set
And with it I’ll set too
When spring returns to me
From the earth I’ll spring anew”

The powerful sound combined with these unique lyrics is inspiring and comforting in one.

Check out “Dewdrops” as well as other Concealed in Clouds masterpieces, like “Phenomena” and “Aspire”.

Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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