Concealed In Clouds – Aspire (Track Of The Day, 18th January)

Track Of The Day today is some metalcore goodness from our friends in Concealed in Clouds from Sweden. The song is “Aspire” and it’s an incredible track.

Concealed in Clouds are Joshua (vocals), Nico (bass & vocals), Benjamin (guitar), Jonathan (guitar), and Lex (drums). Concealed in Clouds have been together since 2011, releasing their debut EP in 2014. The group of five friends are constantly learning and refining their sound.

“Aspire” is metalcore perfection. I was wowed by the sound of this song the first time I heard it (watching the video), which turned into repeated plays and going on to enjoy other Concealed in Clouds songs, such as “Dewdrops” which they recorded with Telle Smith of The Word Alive.

In the words of the band:

“‘Aspire.’ Is about the process. The process of creating, building and working towards something. It’s about having to remind yourself every day that the struggle is worth it and that you’re good enough. ‘Aspire.’ Is about the creative process an artist goes through that nobody else see’s; a process that in most cases doesn’t require skill, but requires endurance. We want to pay homage to any and all that make it through to the other side, because we know how hard it is to commit- to motivation, to learning, to compiling it all and to consummating your work.”

Check out “Aspire” with the amazing video or through your music source of choice below. Tell us what you thought on Facebook or Twitter.

Kel Burch

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