All Taken – Burning Red (New Music)

Here’s a short story about how I came across this new music that I’m sharing today. It all started when I saw this Tweet:

..and it made me do a double-take, a “Whoa, YES!” and then a “Who is All Taken?!”

It turns out All Taken are Daniel Daghlarian and Avo Karapteyan, a two-piece alternative rock duo from Los Angeles, AND it turns out that they have an amazing sound; Queens Of The Stone Age meets Foo Fighters, which suits me, as a big fan of 90s rock.

All Taken have been making music and working together for 8 years, forming as a duet in October 2015. “Burning Red” is their first single, released in June 2016.

Things I love about “Burning Red”: A long and kickass intro, with a curly guitar melody before heavy riffage and drums, angry vocals, the breakouts before the chorus (“I close my eyes but I see everything in front of me burning red like a molten sea”), the amazing guitar solo (insert heart eyes emoji here) and the suave feel of the whole thing. “Burning Red” rocks!

What do you guys think? Have a listen to “Burning Red”:

Kel Burch

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