Citizen – Jet (Track Of The Day, 9th September)

Citizen‘s third studio album As You Please can’t come soon enough. The 6th October release date feels too far away when the music coming from the Citizen camp in the lead-up is consistently amazing.

Thankfully to tide us over until release date, the band have shared a new version of “Jet”, live at Studio 4. It is too beautiful for words, sparking an outpouring of emotion in response to rich vocals and piano from the get-go. I wasn’t ready, and I probably won’t be ready for As You Please either.

Away from the rock pace and energy of the original, the focus of this more relaxed live version of “Jet” is powerfully drawn toward the vocals, making the lyrics hit more directly about the uncertainty of the experience they person is living through.

“Make me more assured, to clean my wounds
My flickering thoughts; all wrong
Into delusion we will go to stare at a glimpse of hope”

“Jet”, while tinged in question marks by way of what is happening all around the character in its story, feels somewhat soothed by the warmer, gentler, and more relaxed version of the song.

According to Citizen’s Facebook post about the video, there are two further tracks coming that the band recorded live at Studio 4. Cannot. Wait.

Soak up this beautiful version of “Jet” below, and pre-order As You Please right here:



Kel Burch

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