Citizen – Fever Days (New Music)

In the lead-up to their As You Please album, Ohio/Michigan rockers Citizen have dropped another single.

“Fever Days” was released today, and follows “Jet” and “In The Middle Of It All” as yet another stellar single from the 12 track album, releasing 6th October via Run For Cover Records.

“Fever Days” begins with a sweet melody at its introduction. A grungey bass tone takes over, along with intimate ear-tickling vocals that feel both rich and humble.

The vibe of “Fever Days” is isolation, wondering ‘Is anyone out there?’. It feels like making momentary connections, but nothing like how it used to be. There is heavy acknowledgement of how things currently are, yet railing against this reality. It is all seeming like a bitter pill to swallow.

“You remind me of something I’ve lost”

The sweet melody at the bridge feels like it captures better days and surrendering to the flow of life. But soon enough, with a return to the chorus, frustration paints everything that he does, not being able to break free and get things back to how they were before. He finds himself saddened by memories.

And guess what.. Citizen are giving us even more As You Please goodness TOMORROW.

Pre-order As You Please via Run For Cover Records here:


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