Bukowski – Brood (Track Of The Day, 18th July)

Today’s Track Of The Day is a hard hitting note from Bukowski. “Brood” comes from the Melbourne emo punk four piece’s grow up. give up. let go. EP.

With an EP title like that you could expect some emotional heaviness. EP single “Brood” brings it. It’s drenched in regret that things turned out how they did.

Gentle vocals and a warm sound open the track, before a more focused and heavier sense reinforces the sombre state of things; ‘this is not what you wanted / now you’re lost in this bottle’. This statement, an unofficial chorus, is an uncomfortable reminder of how bad things have become.

“There’s nothing left, I’m just a shell of a man with no love left to dispel.
You wont see my face again, I beg you to fix yourself.
Find the person that you were, before I forget your name.”

There’s defeatedness and done-ness, but still pangs of hope under it. It’s a challenging relationship in seeing someone so far away from who they are, wanting more for them, but also having nothing left to give to make that happen on their behalf.

The video echoes the sentiment powerfully (and inwardly). Check out “Brood” as well as the grow up. give up. let go. EP.

Bukowski are also part way through their headline tour of Australia, with these dates and venues:


Kel Burch

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