Bugs – Glue (New Music)

Brisbane trio Bugs have announced that they have an EP on the way, as well as releasing a new single “Glue”. The EP Social Slump will be the second EP from the guys, and releases on Aptil 13th.

Comprising of Connor Brooker (singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist), Brock Weston (drums), and Jordan Brunoli (bass), Bugs are exploring the pain of life-comparison with “Glue”. The track premiered on triple j radio, officially releasing today (16th March).

Connor sums up the inspiration behind “Glue” thus: “Flicking through Facebook photos of people you went to school with having kids & buying homes whilst your living pay to pay off a retail wage sipping $7 Sauv Blanc from the bottle is fun, but toxic. Everyone is running their own race at their own pace, just remember that. No need for judgement in comparison to others, and certainly no need for self-deprecation. Commitment isn’t for everyone!”

“Watch out, you’ll get stuck here”

“Glue” is an incredible track, with gorgeous harmonies and what must surely be one of the catchiest riffs ever? “Glue” has relatable lyrics, including self-talk (“Connor it’s not worth crying. You’ll cheer up, dude”), uttered with a voice that morphs from defeat to anguish. There’s affectionate humour mixed up with this real sense of ‘This shit again?!’ frustration.

Don’t let your life get Clagged up in comparisonitis, get down to “Glue” and its feelgood realism.


We’ve added “Glue” to our Spotify playlist too! The Depth List: 2018


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