Boston Manor – Bad Machine (New Music)

Blackpool’s Boston Manor are here with the second single from their upcoming album Welcome to the Neighbourhood, which will be released via Pure Noise Records on 7th September. The song, called “Bad Machine”, is accompanied by a moody and atmospheric music video, which utilises overwhelming dark overtones and the oppressive intensity of the music to create a very effective artistic piece.

“Bad Machine” continues the story that Boston Manor are going to tell with this album, basing Welcome to the Neighbourhood around this dystopian and poverty stricken modern world. Boston Manor are: Henry Cox (vocals), Jordan Pugh (drums), Mike Cunniff (guitar), Ash Wilson (guitar), and Dan Cunniff (bass).

With this video Boston Manor are continuing to build this world of theirs. Starting in “Halo”, with the whole thing seeming like a nightmare, they wander through the horrifying world they occupy, watching everyone lie and cheat and steal to get by. The only answer was to inject salvation straight into their veins and float away, numbing themselves to the trauma taking place in front of them.

In “Bad Machine” we see more of a third person perspective of this fictional world, as the video shows Henry driving around, taking in all the madness. Everything they pass by is black: The cars. The clothes. The entire overtone of the video is black. Everyone has their faces painted with terrifying designs, even the little girls dancing on the footpath. Crime is everywhere, things are on fire. Boston Manor have truly created a landscape of horror, fantastically forming a powerful image that will stay in the listener’s head, now and into the experience of the upcoming album.

“I’ll never say sorry, cause I’ll never be free.”

The song itself is incredibly atmospheric. The vocals seem pained and mournful, as the digital and nightmarish sounding guitars roll lightly through the background, combining with the impacting drums and bass to create a truly impressive and overwhelming sound. Echoing and sounding somewhat distant, everything this song puts into the listener’s ears feels like a dream.

Like a blurry hallucination, it’s truly surreal to listen to, with everything having been mixed perfectly together. “Bad Machine” continues to paint the image of this modern day apocalypse in your head. Society crumbles, and buildings tumble, as survival becomes the only motivation. All of this happens inside your head, as the whole sound of this song becomes the backing track to the metaphorical end of the world.

Lyrically “Bad Machine” appears to speak about having someone stuck inside your head. You tried to leave them behind, yet they are still there, eating away at you and wearing you down. As you continue to suffer through this you eventually give in. The inevitability of breaking down looms constantly, so why not just let it happen.

When looking at this album as a whole (in preparation for review) however I have a feeling this song could take on a possibly different meaning, and for that I am excited.

Check out “Bad Machine” here:

And Pre-order Welcome to the Neighbourhood here:

Welcome to the Neighbourhood is out September 7 via Pure Noise Records.


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