Belle Haven – You. (New Music)

Belle Haven‘s new single “You.” was released today.

The single word and full-stop punctuated “You.” as a song title feels direct and strong. In this case, it’s not with a positive vibe. It’s heavy, accusing and pointing a finger in its directness. It might as well be capitalised.

“You.” feels skin seering, hair tearing, and is fury heavy. It feels in both music and lyrics combined as an attempt to extract something (ANYTHING) from someone who has virtually become a brick wall.

The band referred to “You.” as ‘Sister-In-Law part II’, and I got curious as to what that meant, being relatively new to Belle Haven.

“Sister-In-Law” was a track from the band’s Onus EP, released in 2012. The track touches on self-harm, self-blame, self-hate.. painting a picture of torture by analysis and being closed inside a mental trap where nothing exists but irreparable damage, for which the narrator (David himself, we assume) feels solely responsible.

“You.” is a turning of the tide, and a breaking free from the torturous prison.

“You.” demands answers, and some accountability from the ‘other side’ of the situation. “You.” takes the hurt of a closed-door reaction (in “Sister-In-Law”) and not only questions its lack of reasonableness, but also recognises the role of awareness of what that cutting-off did to David.

“So, don’t pretend
That you didn’t know
What you did to me”

Most satisfyingly:

“I just want you to know
That I blame you for this”

“You.” as a follow-on from “Sister-In-Law” is a statement of empowerment. Of not taking it lying down anymore, and no longer taking the blame, while still waiting for answers. Wow.

“You.” comes along with an impressive music video, directed by the band and edited by Daniel Marinakis. Check out “You.” and its music video below or stream via Spotify.

Kel Burch

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