Belle Haven – The Carving Knife (Track Of The Day, 21st April)

Track Of The Day comes from Melbourne’s Belle Haven. We’re getting hooked on these guys and their sound.

About their new release, “Selfmade”, Belle Haven shared that the song was about ‘knowing when to leave’. It seems that The Carving Knife also shares a version of that same sentiment. And though released as a single October 13th 2016, it’ll be included on their sophomore release, You, Me and Everything in Between (out 16th June via Greyscale Records).

“The Carving Knife” captures the suffocating monotony of being trapped in a metaphorical cage of being with a controlling and manipulative partner. The song powerfully captures very real elements of being in an emotionally abusive relationship: Feeling something for someone, being invested in them, recognising the pain they’re causing and finally letting them go. It’s an authentic description from someone who’s been at ground zero in relationship hell and lived to tell the tale.

The frantic beats and chaoticness as “The Carving Knife” begins capture the containment and overwhelm of this situation. Vocals morph from screamed hurt and agony, to firm clarity; giving a hopeful impression of ‘I’m moving forward now’.

The music video powerfully and artfully captures the experience that “The Carving Knife” describes. It demonstrates the suppression, with covered eyes and hands to throat, remaining there for the majority of the video. If it’s tough or awkward to watch, it’s supposed to be. Belle Haven are painting a picture here and it’s not a pretty one.

Soon a point is reached where the ‘character’ stands firmly and makes a final statement, no longer being held:

“That’s just how you need it to be
But take your hands off me”

The band members rock out as the video/song comes to a close, with the vibe feeling like a cross between freedom and hatred, with David Vernon powerfully pouring out all that’s left of this year of torture.

“I spent a year of my life
Under your carving knife
And nobody ever knew
I had surrendered control
Your soul is like a black hole
Now I’m letting go
I told you so”

It’s an emotionally potent track, as well as being an awesome song. Check out “The Carving Knife” with its video or stream on Spotify. Aussies should also get tickets for THE MOST AMAZING LINEUP EVER (our description) on the Selfmade Tour with Belle Haven, Deadlights and Ambleside. Go here for details:

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