Belle Haven – Me (New Music)

Melbourne post hardcore band Belle Haven have released a new music video for “Me”.

As one of the most intense tracks on Belle Haven’s You, Me And Everything In Between album, I expected similar intensity in its music video also, and held curiosity as to how it would be portrayed.

“Me” is the closing track of the second full length album for the Melbourne band. Lyrically, “Me” describes the experience of a person in a relationship who has reached a point of helplessness and overwhelm so severe that they are suicidal. They have nothing left to give in any sense.

“Me” hits peaks of overwhelm, with a person desperately seeking to extract themselves from another’s clutches, and to escape the wounds they have been left with. The video fittingly shows vocalist David De La Hoz confined and withheld, while being assaulted with various methods of pain at the hands of a woman. He’s simultaneously intimidated by her and also fighting the experience.

“You chewed me up and spat me out
And now my heart’s full of doubt”

It’s when a rope comes into the scene that there’s a shift, and we fall out of music video watching mode, into behind the scenes of a music video making mode, seeing David refuse to continue. A point of enoughness is reached and the painful realness of what is being sung about/demonstrated rears its head for David.

This ‘I’m so done with even just portraying this creatively’ vibe is expressed in David trying to take things into his own hands to ‘resolve’ the situation once and for all. Thankfully the Belle Haven family leap into action with Tom, Mara, Jake and Christopher being there to support their brother.

“Me” is the last song on You, Me and Everything In Between and this video release also signifies the closing of this chapter for the band. A closing of this particular theme of furiousness against mistreatment? We shall see. I wait with curiosity to see where Belle Haven will take us next with their new music that’s already in progress.

Check out “Me” below, and stream the whole of the band’s stellar album. You can also catch Belle Haven on tour with Polaris on their ‘The Remedy’ tour (details HERE).

Music Video Directed by Cian Marangos/Belle Haven.
Music Video Edited By Belle Haven
Colour Grading by Crystal Arrow Films
Produced & Engineered by Matthew Goldman
Mix by Matt McClellan
Mastered by Kristofer Crummett at Interlace Audio



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