Bad Juju – Dawn (New Music)

With the release of new single “Dawn”, Melbourne’s Bad Juju have revealed that their sophomore EP – You’re Not Alone – is on the way.  It’s yet another September release for the books, with 4th September being when the EP lands, including previously released singles “Disappoint” and “Say It”.

Bad Juju’s vocalist Russell Holland shared that the song was inspired by a text message: “Do you get lonely? Because I get lonely too”.  The message was sent by a friend of his who was in pain due to this isolation they felt, and were using drugs to endure the discomfort.  As well as the message forming part of the lyrics, Russell shared that “Dawn”‘s “Save me from myself tonight” lyric is in reference to the drugs “saving them from their demons.” 

The song’s meaning is doubly expressed by its Colin Jeffs/Ten Of Swords Media music video, which takes us into the world of a woman who is struggling with addiction.  Spliced with footage of the band playing in a living room with a view of the skyline (impressively including a thunderstorm!), we are shown the protagonist going through an internal struggle as well as reaching out.

“I’m feeling lost in my own home”

As far as the song itself goes, “Dawn” comes across as relatively murky and dense of sound, which seems fitting for the situation that the protagonist is wading through like a thick and suffocating fog.  The vocal calls to be heard and the desperation of the chorus both suit the reaching out for help that’s happening here, as well as the search for some kind of hope and connection.

Bad Juju songs seem to require an attentive ear to move along with the thread of the respective song through its fiery peaks and multi-layered melodic thoughtfulness. There’s more that’s going on than just grunge-inspired bangers, but there’s also still a lot of that too! “Dawn”‘s vocally altered and echoey bridge serves as something of a turning point, complete with celebratory instrumentation.

Ending with “I’m still right here”, the song serves as a meaningful appetite whetter for the You’re Not Alone EP to come. May the idea of presence and support serve as a kind of theme for the EP? September will surely reveal all! In the meantime, listen to “Dawn” here:

[Photo of Bad Juju courtesy of Andrew Basso]


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