Bad Juju – Say It (New Music)

Mind if we check out some songs that were released recently? One that should definitely be mentioned is the newbie from Melbourne based Bad Juju. New single “Say It” is the first release from the band since the release of Hidden Desire last year and comes coupled with a music video courtesy of Jackson Webster.

As well as releasing the new track, the band have announced a line-up change, with familiar face Drue Herring now on drums, completing the line-up of Russell Holland (vocals), Abe Miller (guitar), Armarin Saengsri (guitar), and Matthew Nichols (bass).

So let’s talk about the song.  Sounding straight from a 90s alt rock best-of (no complaints here), “Say It” is yet another chance for the grungey collective to marry old school inspiration with a modern day mood. “Say It” comes to the ears as dream-like in parts, with no hint of the frustrated oomph that’s soon to come via its memorable chorus. Bursting out explosively, the chorus speaks like an honesty bomb that’s a long time coming… before easily returning to dreamy “ooOooh”s again.

“The truth is I’m not fine, and it’s not okay”

“Say It” is infectious from first listen, and is endearing due to Holland’s easy ability to shift from warmth to fury in an instant. But it’s not a solo piece, and sweet contemplative vibes or chaotic instrumentation rage along with Holland, especially taking full opportunity of the bridge to let loose while “the roof is falling down”.  I’m also a big fan of Nichols’ searching effort on bass throughout the entire track.

Standalone as yet, might “Say It” be part of an upcoming release?! Either way, the song is Bad Juju as their best yet and we’ll stay tuned for what they’re up to next. Melbourne fans can catch the band at The Gasometer on 4th November for their single release show. Details HERE.  Watch “Say It” via YouTube below.


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