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Depth Magazine exists because of a love of music, and a desire to support independent artists (that may not otherwise get a lot of press). When Depth loves a band, we love it hardcore, and we want everyone else to love it. A giveaway was one way to share the love, and also have people realise that Depth is out here, doing things with music. But we had to do a giveaway in our own, creative, music-loving way!

Sometime in March, I messaged a friend on Facebook:

I’m about to fall asleep when inspiration strikes. Tell me what you think about this idea… a giveaway which is like a treasure hunt through the website. Clues given on social media. Tiny egg images or emojis on the pages and if they find it, they win the prize. It could be like a CD, merch, something else cool. There’d be a bunch of items. I wonder if that’s lame or not? Haha.

It sounds cool to me!”, they said.

So the idea of the emoji hunt began, evolving into hunting the emoji to find the entry page. Indie bands were reached out to, discussions were had, and the tentative late night idea evolved into something more concrete: Depth Magazine’s first giveaway, being held over the month of April.


Seven chick emojis were hidden, relating to seven different amazing bands: DBMK, Quiet, Please, Babyblu, Lilac Lungs, The Infinite Eights, Sleeptalk and Boxing At The Zoo. The chicks were brought to life with their own names and reasons for enjoying these artists, and a desire to share the love with the prizes that were up for grabs.

Given that Depth Mag is all about emotion and meaning in music, we also asked for our giveaway entries to share what the participant loved about the artist. As April came to a close, we chose our winners!

Each of these people below will further celebrate the band they love with some merch and/or music that they can hold in their hands! These are the entries that stood out due to their genuine appreciation and love for the bands, though it was definitely a tough decision to pick only one winner.


I think Babyblu are amazing because…: They can adapt to change. When I first saw Babyblu, it was when Dylan played guitar while some girl sang. I’m not gonna lie, they weren’t the best. While she had good vocals, the back tracks overpowered her soft voice and a lot of the meaning was lost. When I learned that she was no longer part of the band and that Dylan did lead vocals, I was a bit surprised. I didn’t give them much of a listen until just a few months ago. Once I did, I realized just how much they had improved. The instrumentals are very reminiscent of The 1975 and the vocals and lyrics will get stuck in your head all day. Their live show takes the already great recorded tracks and makes them a billion times greater. In their show, you can definitely see how each member loves what they are doing and they’re doing it very well. Can’t wait to see the new album and what’s to come from it. – Eric T.


I think Boxing At The Zoo are amazing because…: Their music is truly unique. I wouldn’t even know which words to describe it with other than “simply beautiful”. I feel like the music industry has gotten way too much about writing the greatest hits and focusing solely on the reception of songs. But when listening to BATZ’s songs I can hear the real art of making music. Their songs seem very thought-through and yet perfectly natural. I always listen to their music when I get nervous or anxious about something because it calms me down and gives me the necessary self-confidence to get through whatever is troubling me. That’s why I am very thankful for their music and hope they keep doing what they do and make a lot of people happier with their songs. – Elena K.


I think DBMK are amazing because…: Their music is so good and its improved so much since The Abyss came out. I’m so proud of them. All of their music is so amazing and has helped me get through tough times because the lyrics mean so much to me. Kyle is such an amazing writer and all of the members of the band are so talented. I first saw them live at the 97x BBQ in 2015 and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. When they play live, all of them put so much energy into the songs and I love going to their shows because of that. You can tell these songs mean so much to Kyle and I always feel the emotion he puts into the songs on stage. All of the band members are so nice and sweet and they always try to meet all of their fans after their shows. I’ve met so many of my friends through this band and discovered a bunch of other local bands and great artists thanks to them. I am forever grateful I found DBMK and kept listening to them, they mean so much to me. 🙂 – Jessica C.


I think The Infinite Eights band are amazing because…: They’re just your average guys. I just saw them recently open for babyblu and had no idea they were going to be preforming. Once they hit the stage you could tell they weren’t ordinary people. They carry themselves amazingly and are phenomenal at what they do. Their music is spunky and upbeat. It’s like Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and The Script all mashed into one! – Gracianna H.


I think Lilac Lungs are amazing because…: They worked incredibly hard to get to where they are now (about to drop a full length album without any label! Selling out a 1,300 venue for their album release show!). They are so kind and compassionate, super grateful and down to earth. I love each one of them for their unique personalities. And their music!! It’s the best part. Emily’s lyrics hit close to home every time. Her voice is one of a pure angel and her along with Johney’s musical genius made their EP one of my favorite ever. The fact that Terry and Matt came after and made the music their own is incredible. I already know the new album is gonna be beautiful and I’m so excited to hear it! Next to Nothing alone blew my mind; along with the incredible high quality of the music video! To wrap this up, I’m just gonna say: they’re nice humans. I’ve been part of the street team from the start and they always give back. We are a family. Whatever happens, I’m gonna follow them till the end of the earth. We are Lilac Lungs – Sonia O.


I think Quiet, Please band are amazing because…: Quiet, Please has touched a special place in me. Upon first listening to their music a few months ago, I knew this unique sound would never be able to fade from me. Through songs such as Sign, My Ship is Sinking, I Should Probably Learn How to Swim, and Note, I have not only found solace from days I cannot trust myself to have my own back, I feel as though there is a place for me. Listening to this music has given me an outlet for negative emotions; this music has also allowed me to move out of my comfort zone.

By reaching out to other Quiet, Please fans, I have easily made new friends—and this is just the beginning. Songs like these make me feel as though recovery is possible. This entire EP is chock-full of lyrics that not only touch my heart, but make me feel alive again.

Quiet, Please has also reached out to me on occasion. Through Twitter, I have been able to make new friends who also enjoy this music, as previously mentioned, and been able to interact with the band. Brice, Kevin, and Dom are all so supportive of their fans and are always open to talk to them. They have given me advice that has given me a feeling not very many others have given me. A feeling of worth, no matter the circumstances. A feeling that I am not alone.

They are amazing. No doubt about it. There aren’t many bands that take time out of their busy schedules to interact with fans, but Quiet, Please does. That’s something for them to be proud of and it’s something for fans to utilise to come together as a fan base and immerse themselves more into the music. With their unique sound and devotion to fans, Quiet, Please is by far one of the best bands I have ever had the privilege of listening to. – Zöe H.


I think Sleeptalk are amazing because…: The stories that they tell with their songs and the way the vibes of their music makes you feel like you’re in another place or time. They have such a unique style of music, I’ve never heard a band quite like them. Their live shows are absolutely incredible, I’m extremely grateful for the two opportunities that I’ve gotten to see them. Even though I haven’t been able to meet them in person yet, I have gotten to get to know them online, and they’re such great guys. They’re so genuinely kind and have such a love and respect for their fans. It’s one of the main reasons that I’m grateful to have found them and one of the many reasons I’m proud to call them one of my absolute favorite bands. I can’t wait to see them play in arenas when they become of the biggest bands in the world, which I wholeheartedly believe is going to happen. Because this band is one of a kind and the world is going to know their name. – Emiley F.

A big thank you to all of you, for playing along with this emoji hunt that started with a late night idea 🙂 and for the love you have for these bands as well as supporting Depth Magazine!

Thank you Emiley, Anissa, Enyta, Destinee, Tashlyn, Liliana, Jessica, Cassie, Emma, Lily, Faith, Sarah, Alyssa, Katarina, Alexia, Becca, Kaley, Alex, Reagan, Natalie, Olivia, Jonquil, David, Zöe, Paige, Loraine, Addie, Danielle, Cat, Vanessa, Destiny, Brenna, Sophie, Drea, Siena, Julia, Rebeca, Andrew, Lauren Elizabeth, Allison, Thea, Mariana, Sonia, Ashlyn, Gracianna, Grace, Zeenat, Amanda, Isobel, Kristen, Eric, Rae, Elena, Taura, Holley, Karenna, Sydney, Sam, Shay, Carolyn, and Matt.

Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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