Ambleside – Blur (New Music)

After lots of hinting and teasing, a new track from Ambleside has landed today! “Blur” is the first new piece of music from the Adelaide punk hardcore band since Shape Me EP (2016). “Blur” also comes with an incredible music video written, directed, and edited by Kieran Ellis-Jones of Crystal Arrow Films. There’s no word on an album/EP yet, but “Blur” is a dense enough slice of Ambleside, that it’ll keep you busy for some time.

“Blur” follows the adventure of a greyscale worker whose animated self goes through progressively stifling challenges. Made of crumpled paper, clay, pixels, or light, our character becomes less and less connected with reality and loses his colour and will to live. In the meantime, Dan, Jackson, Dean, Jono, and Ash are there, doing what they do best.

“Lost your purpose down the rabbit hole”

“Blur” feels like compassionate observation of self-sabotage, which includes losing grip of their goal in life. Ambleside’s slick blend of melodic sounds and satisfying heaviness expresses a desperate attempt to break out of a nothingish existence (a two dimensional existence even) into something real. Under water and then concrete, without escape, our character is getting nowhere and being buried alive by the weight of life. To me “Blur” is both a nudge to not lose hold of your dreams, but also an observation of how ‘real life’ can drain the life out of us and derail what we want to do while we’re alive.

When “Blur” comes to a close, our character is colourless, emotionless, empty. The heavy hearted bridge with palpable ache perfectly captures this loss of motivation. As he ends his life, we’re left haunted by the repeated lyric of “fall asleep and fall behind”.

I’m up to 10+ listens and already decided that “Lost your purpose down the rabbit hole” is one of the catchiest lines ever. The pool scene with the guys rocking out is a huge hype builder for their set on The Mortal Coil tour of Australia with Polaris, The Plot In You, and Tapestry this month. Every date on the tour has sold out now, and we can’t wait! You can also catch Ambleside on tour dates with The Plot In You in Sydney and Newcastle (details below).

Watch “Blur” below!

Sunday 15th April – Newcastle, NSW

Monday 16th April – Sydney, NSW

Tickets available from

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