Alpha Wolf – Golden Fate; Gut Ache (Track Of The Day, 31st May)

Melbourne heavy five piece Alpha Wolf have announced the upcoming release of their debut album Mono, on 14th July via Greyscale Records. Already, the band’s description of Mono has given us goosebumps:

“An audio representation of utter desperation and the illogical mindset of an individual when one goes through traumatic experience. Whether it’s death, loss of love or coming to terms with mortality.

The emptiness you feel when you are alone in a motel on the highway and your soul is bleeding out on the floor.”

In the meantime, Aidan, Jackson, Scottie, John and Sabian have released the first track (and video) from Mono, “Golden Fate; Gut Ache”.

The track hits so hard, in more ways than one. This is intense self-blame for the choice that a friend made to take their life. This is emotional pain set to melodic heaviness and you’ll feel it as you listen. The agony is pouring out, along with the frenetic drumming and low and ominous guitar riffs that seem to amplify that pain.

“I should have been there and I know it
The warning signs were there
I should have cared”

“Golden Fate; Gut Ache” has a lot contained within the track: the agony of how bad they feel, a crying out for forgiveness, processing the shock of what happened, conversing with the one they’ve lost.

It hurts as well as being a really good piece of heavy music.

Check out “Golden Fate; Gut Ache” and share with us what you think on Facebook or Twitter.


Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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