Yours Truly – Undersize (New Music)

With the release of the gentle and sparkling “Undersize”, Yours Truly show the world more of what’s to come in their Self Care album. The quirky and cosy song speaks like a moment of tender connection, capturing what vocalist Mikaila Delgado refers to as “a letter to a close friend of mine,” sharing that it was something she wrote to assure them of her presence and support.

“Undersize”‘s skipping beat accompanies authentic and outstretched vocals, feeling as relaxed and easy as the music video’s homely space, yet still full of genuine care. The song features a lovely and floaty chorus with starry-eyed metaphors to express the idea of persistence and hope.

It’s not entirely a rose-coloured perspective of life though, with “Undersize” acknowledging (in delightful and heartwarming ease) that though darkness may arrive, it won’t be forever, and “there’s still light from the moon”. Taking in the lyrics of the song inspired me to refresh what I’d previously learned about the philosophical concept of ‘impermanence’ (the view that everything is always changing), and the repetition of “Never the same, never the same” aligned perfectly with this idea. Whether it’s the blossom and wilt of flowers or ever-changing ocean tides, fighting these ups and downs is futile, as is seeing them as permanent sentences.

“And I swear you’ll see it bloom”

By way of sound, “Undersize” has orchestral warmth blending with DIY-sounding taps and clinks as well as acoustic guitar. The combination, as well as the living room visual (complete with Labradoodle and a yarn bombed microphone) reinforces the cosy and homemade vibe of Self Care that we’ve already seen in the singles and artwork to date.

Watch “Undersize” below, and get ready for Self Care, which releases on 18th September via UNFD and is available for pre-order now:


[Yours Truly photo courtesy of Georgia Moloney]
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