Yours Truly – Funeral Home (New Music)

Yours Truly continue to build momentum toward the release of Self Care with new single “Funeral Home”.  Self Care lands on September 18th via UNFD, which is practically a musical Christmas with albums from MovementsAgnes Manners, and Knuckle Puck also releasing on that same date.

So far, Yours Truly have invited listeners into their personal experiences with the singles of Self Care, and “Funeral Home” is no different. The newest song thematically centres around reuniting with family at funerals; ironically lamenting the loss of a family member, and there still being inevitable distance between the living relatives.. until the next funeral occurs. For me it sparks thoughts about it being human nature to be typically self-focused, and how peripheral mental notes to catch up with people unfortunately fall by the wayside.

“It’s grown so old, and now we’re crying again”

For such a sad idea, “Funeral Home” is another upbeat number for Yours Truly.  Vocalist Mikaila Delgado’s voice echoes as she details the “same shit” of being back in the place of mourning. For me, it’s the guitars that best capture the sombre mood of the experience, but there’s polish and presence from far more than that. Chilled synth notes dot the verses, and the choruses offer something of a bemused gaze upon this human ritual the protagonist is a part of.

I’d personally love to have the sadness of this hit more blatantly than it does, but I suspect the song is to do with finding humour in the dark times, or at least seeing humour in human nature. The sense of sorrow is still there for brief moments, especially in the second verse and the bridge, where a thoughtful instrumental moment leaves room for pangs of the heart, despite the sparkles and groove never being too far away.

Head to YouTube to watch “Funeral Home”, or find it via your favourite streaming places.


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