You Know The Drill – Homesick (New Music)

Birmingham based You Know The Drill have released a new music video for their new single “Homesick”. The track is from the band’s upcoming EP Selfhood, which is planned for release on 22nd June.

The pop punk act consists of Benji Yapp on vocals, Luke Astley on guitar/backing vocals, Damo Darby on bass, and Brad Potter on drums. “Homesick” is the second from the EP, with the first “Snake Eyes” already doing very well.

“Homesick” is a song about the downsides of touring in a band. It captures the realities of leaving loved ones behind, living in awful conditions, and wondering if it is all worth it. It questions whether all of the challenges are worth it, and rapid-fire lyrics both reiterate the frustrations as well as remind that the sacrifices won’t be forever.

“I’m writing these words as a note to remember
that these days will pass and we’ll soon be together.”

The fun vibes of the track and the playful footage of “Homesick” inspire the embracing the good moments and the special times that the band have together while touring. In vocalist Benji Yapp’s words “We wanted the video to match the positive vibes of the song, rather than the dispiriting tone of the lyrics.” The music video captures connective and fun moments of touring as well as showing the band’s time in the studio, shots from their Slam Dunk Festival set, hotel room antics, on stage flips, and amusing footage of the band members eating Carolina Reaper Chillis.

Watch the music video for “Homesick” below. You can also pre-order Selfhood HERE.


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