Woes – Suburbs (New Music)

Life has been busy for Scottish pop punk act Woes since we heard from them last. Following the release of their 2018 EP Self Help, the band have been sharing the stage with synonymous sounding bands such as Neck Deep and State Champs. That’s not to say they haven’t been working away towards more releases, a fact you already know while reading this. That’s right, Woes have released a new single called “Suburbs” and it is absolutely splitting.

This is the first taste we’re getting of Woes since the addition of their new guitarist Luke Bovill. It’s one hell of a debut for a new band member with such a nice showcase of skill. The melodies throughout “Suburbs” are so pleasant yet so irresistible, making the track so hard to sit still through.

“I guess I had my shot. Go have the life you want.”

The track’s meaning and backstory hits the mark well, really creating a strong connection with many listeners, I’m sure. “Suburbs” tells the tale of relationships from a previous life, a life back home. The song talks about life’s estranged connections; of leaving town and losing contact with someone. It raises the question; would that person be happy to see me again? The topic is one that’s bittersweet and definitely is far from easy to deal with, but I respect the concept and it had me hooked.

The band have come on record stating their R&B and hip-hop influences will be playing a big part in their coming releases, however I’ve seen no real hint of that within “Suburbs”. There’s definitely no complaint coming from me as this is a phenomenal stand-alone track and if it’s any indication on what’s next, then I look forward to 2019.

Check out “Suburbs” via YouTube below.


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