Wither – Nothing To No One (New Music)

With a mere 10 second warm-up, Wither strike hard with their bristling debut “Nothing To No One”.

“I hate watching you live, but you’re too young to die!”

Featuring familiar faces, Wither is the product of friends who played music together for fun, and (thankfully) saw the potential enough to take it from jam sessions to the studio. The Melbourne based band consists of David De La Hoz (of Belle Haven), Luke Weber (of Dream On Dreamer), Jamie Marinos (producer for Alpha Wolf, Arkive), Liam Fowler (Pridelands), and Jeremy Hughes (simply an excellent gentleman).

As a the first look at this new band, the debut is a fierce one. Those first ten seconds of “Nothing To No One” are all you get to flex and stretch in preparation for an all-out pummelling. David’s vocals hold nothing back, spitting vitriol fire, while massive guitar intensity looms and plunges into technical intricacy.

Djent angles, thudding beats, and gritted teeth are at home here while the sharp-edged track takes direct aim and its barbs strike vulnerable flesh. Lyrics like “You’ve poisoned us all!” and “You’re weak!” paint the track which veers into cavernous breakdowns or floats momentarily with clearly vocalised statements.

“Someday, someday.
Nothing that you say will ever matter anyway.”

It’s hard to imagine this isn’t a personal call out with its multi-layered aggression and direct statements toward one who is ‘such a mess’. Sonically huge throughout and fueled by heightened frustration, “Nothing To No One” tries to break through a shell of one who seems blindly apathetic or inactive. An eerie melody eventually reveals itself through the raging fire, leaving us facing the broken edges, static, and sharpness. The soundscape visually suggests that all of this rage may have been inflicted toward a mirror.

The whirlwind of an attack is a heavy and impressive debut from an exciting project. Check out “Nothing To No One” via Spotify HERE. You can also find it on our new music playlist HERE.

Follow Wither on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witheraus/


Kel Burch

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