Wildheart – Solitude ft. Tom Devine-Harrison (New Music)

Coming out of Brisbane Australia, melodic-hardcore five piece Wildheart have today released a new music video for their song “Solitude”. “Solitude” comes off the 2018 EP, We Areand features guest vocals from Tapestry‘s Tom Devine-Harrison. Wildheart made a splash at BIGSOUND 2018, and have enjoyed recent support spots alongside acts such as Belle HavenCasey, and Barebones. Wildheart are: Axel Best (vocals), Adam Finlay (guitar), Kerry Rowe (bass/vocals), Andrew Edward (drums), and Jaya Joseph (guitar).

“Solitude” starts heavy lyrically and instrumentally, while visually we are shown a man trapped inside his mind. He appears to struggle with the never-ending torment of his own inner demons. Pained screaming vocals screech of his pain of feeling completely helpless. At his own mercy, we watch the man walk aimlessly, stuck in a useless loop of nothingness. Caused by self-afflicted pain, he tries to drown the dark thoughts with alcohol, but only angers them and steepens the decline he’s stuck in.

Punchy in-your-face riffs contrast with distant echoing chimes to reflect the anger of uncertainty, combining with hard hitting bass and drums to instill a true sense of becoming unhinged. Struggling to clutch onto any kind of solid thought, we continue to watch the man scream and cry from the deep, dark, cages of his mind. In the real world he is neglected: ignored by loved ones, and feeling completely alone. Clean vocals from Devine-Harrison hammer home the battle that is being slowly lost, and we see the man lying completely still with an empty bottle of pills resting near his hand. Panicked and upset, his friend screams at him to wake up, as the lyrics speak of finding hope and getting better. Coming to the closing of the video and the ending of the song, a close up twitch of a finger represents a second chance at life.

With an intense music video that tells a rough but very true story, the emotions that are provoked are relatable and real, and are captured perfectly by Wildheart.

Check the video out down below, and catch Wildheart supporting Ocean Sleeper on their upcoming tour!

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