While She Sleeps – Silence Speaks (feat. Oli Sykes) (New Music)

Okay, wow. This is incredible.

Not only have While She Sleeps released an amazing new song. But it has an artfully filmed and edited music video. AND it features Oliver Sykes.

“Are we too blind to see through honest eyes?
War will cease when we refuse to fight
Tell me where is your heart?”

There isn’t much we could say about this that would better the experience itself. “Silence Speaks” has a number of sections in it, whereby the band are transported to different places: in a warehouse, a bedroom, an enclosed room, outside. The transitions between places are so well done in the video, that both the song as well as the video have the feel of taking us on a cinematic journey. And in struts Oli Sykes..

“Silence Speaks” is a beautiful song, questioning how we’ve become blind to what we’re doing to each other as a human race. Boarding up our compassion and humanity as well as physical borders, forgetting what’s at the essence: Oneness.

Take us back to when we’re all together as one
Taught to love, born to live and let go”

Check out “Silence Speaks” with this beautifully done video.

(Cinematography by Tom Welsh. Directed by Tom Welsh & Taylor Fawcett http://getdeluxe.co)


Edit: After now seeing this behind the scenes video for “Silence Speaks”, we are even more impressed with the music video. It was all created in a warehouse and with just the band members, Tom Welsh, Taylor Fawcett and some friends. Worth a watch!

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