We Came As Romans – Lost In The Moment (Track Of The Day, 28th September)

Detroit rockers We Came As Romans have our Track Of The Day with their freshly released “Lost In The Moment”. The five piece have their fifth album on the way, with Cold Like War releasing on October 20th via SharpTone Records.

Guitarist and songwriter Joshua Moore shares that the album is reflective of their struggle as a band and what they’ve been going through since their last release, saying: “The last two years to us have felt like this giant war—an internal war—to figure out the right path for our band… to figure out how to stay together and be happy again.”

“Lost In The Moment” is the latest single from the upcoming album and was also released with a music video. The band use lighting and effects to express the concept of containment as well as opening into possibility. It feels exciting, that they are on the cusp of something new.

They seem to want to immerse themselves in reality, instead of ‘drifting through existence, and be fully aware of life while it happens.

“I won’t be caught in the hands of time”

The track feels hopeful and inspired, wanting people to care more and be more open-minded; open to new things as they come, as it feels that the band are wanting to do.

Unclean vocals and sweet ass breakdowns add determination and urgency to their message, combining beautifully the steady flow of hope through the track courtesy of the clean vocals and motivated beat.  “Lost In The Moment” is a solid track, inspiring something more that merely existing.

Check out the track and its video below or stream via Spotify HERE.


Kel Burch

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