Void Of Vision – Decay (New Video)

COVID-19 lockdown and the absence of gigs must be rough when your band is fronted by the most energetic vocalist in Australian heavy music. We’re fondly remembering Void Of Vision shows and watching the onstage antics of vocalist Jack Bergin, so the release of a music video for “Decay” from Hyperdaze helps a little to fill the void (pun not intended).

With a futuristic vibe courtesy of altered vocals, “Decay” is a demanding and disconcerting metalcore track. In our review of Hyperdaze, we referred to its verses as sounding exactly how we figured the cover art of the album would sound.  And now in its music video, created by AV Club, the combination of checkerboard backdrops, multicoloured flashes, and altered imagery has brought it brilliantly to visual life.

It seems that it’s a far less elaborate music video than intended though, as COVID-19 isolation prevented Void Of Vision from going ahead with grander ideas.  It was the blank canvas of a house that remained after packing up belongings that inspired vocalist Jack Bergin to go ahead with the ‘isolation home movie’ that we see today.

Watch “Decay” below via YouTube, which includes Jack shaving his head and doing the signature cord throat wrap move.. but just with hair clippers and not a microphone.


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