Void Of Vision – Decay (feat. Ecca Vandal) (New Music)

Well hot damn, the Ecca Vandal version of Void Of Vision‘s “Decay” is GOOD. Already a favourite track of mine from the band’s 2019 Hyperdaze album, I’ve had the new take of “Decay” (released today) playing on repeat, and it even makes me forget the existence of the Donkey Kong meme version.

An unexpected pairing, Void Of Vision’s vocalist Jack Bergin received a crash course in Ecca Vandal at the 2018 Good Things Festival. He says “Unfortunately we clashed sets each day except for the last. So when I got to run over and catch those last few songs, it was everything I hoped for and more. Ever since then, she’s been a playlist regular.”

“Skin don’t take too much to get under these days”

Describing Ecca as having a “powerful presence”, Jack says that he’s stoked to have her bring her style to a Void Of Vision track, similar to how Thornhill‘s Jacob Charlton added soaring ethereal vibes to “Year Of The Rat”, with his featured version released earlier this month.

To my ears, Ecca’s addition is full of defiant personality, in contrast to a more monotonous, oppressed delivery in the original. The ‘chorus’ sections see the two vocalist combine, with the verses seeped in attitude, adding to the track’s original fiery sound. The hefty breakdown cops a painting of Ecca’s vocalising, perhaps annoying metalcore purists, but adding a dreaminess nonetheless.

Check out the mesmerising moreishness below via YouTube or via your preferred streaming places.


[Photo credit: Sean McDonald]
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