Vermont – Solace (New Music)

It’s great to hear something new from Melbourne’s Vermont! The relatively new band have released a string of singles since 2017, and have recently released “Solace”, which is a single from their upcoming self-titled EP.

First impressions of “Solace” have it land in sadness with its solemn instrumental introduction. In this subdued space, we hear via Joshua Swanwick’s vocals how haunted he feels by the absence of another, even though that person seems to be someone who has been a toxic influence. More explosive (both instrumentally and emotionally) at the chorus, “Solace” shares how putting on a facade is something they’ve done for a long time, and that it doesn’t actually work.

She’ll be with me

“Solace”‘s second verse appeals to the bass-lover in me, and a heart-wrenching and rawer moment at “She’s the taste of blood on my cheeks” is incredibly satisfying. But there’s something that’s too clear and upfront for my ears about the vocals through the majority of “Solace”. It doesn’t quite sonically reflect the emotional toll that would be happening to someone if they’re nightly embroiled in being haunted by memories, without any promise of relief.

There’s definite promise here though, and I enjoy the tension and exasperation of the bridge that’s created by Vermont. I also love how the song ends with that stepping-down that stood out to me.

I’m looking forward to hearing what else the band have up their sleeve with the Vermont EP ahead, which releases on 27th March. In the meantime, watch “Solace” below via YouTube.


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