Valentine’s Day Choose Your Own Adventure (Tracks Of The Day, 14th February)

For the Valentine’s Day Track Of The Day we’re letting you choose your own adventure based on your mood today.

Sweetness & Light

For some, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, hearts, sweetness and joyful happiness of a lover. The lights are brighter and the sun smiles and the clouds are fluffy hugs from above.

Boxing At The Zoo want to join you in your love haze with “Ms. Molly”, with light guitar, and their blissed out 70s vibe. Hold hands and sway with the love of your life, even just for today, and even if your name isn’t Molly.

“If it feels right
Dance with me”

Anti-Valentine’s Day

For some, Valentine’s Day is stupid and pointless. When love goes sour and we have lovers in their sweet haze publicly in our faces, it stings. In these cases, Valentine’s Day serves as little more than a painful reminder of what we don’t have, could have had, maybe will never have. Ouch.

Sworn In‘s “I Don’t Really Love You” seems to be sharing the story of love given and abused, in this swelling anthem of metalcore regret and pain. It doesn’t get more clear than this:

“Love is dead”

What’s Love, I Don’t Know Her

For some, love is a mystery and one that seems to be just out of reach. Valentine’s Day then serves as an awkward reminder of not being part of this exclusive club of people that ‘get’ love or are somehow more worthy of having it in their lives.

Tyler Joseph‘s “Prove Me Wrong” shares this sentiment of not really knowing love, and not sure if it’ll be something in his life, even though he’s open to it.

“I believe in love
And I hope I can show you what I mean
And I don’t believe love’s for me
So won’t you come around and prove me wrong”

Whichever way you go, whatever songs you’re singing, and whatever you’re feeling, lean into the music and remember that it’s (thankfully?) all just for one day.

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