Unify Gathering 2019: R U Ready?

It’s only a few sleeps now until Unify Gathering 2019 begins! The camping music festival is our favourite way to kickstart a fresh new year of music. We’ve all found belonging in music in some way, whether it’s the words, the emotions, the energy, or the community of like-minded people. Unify has us all come together from our individual walks of life and celebrate together!

To get sorted for the big event, we’ve collected information together from the good people at Unify, and put it all together in one place! Bookmark this baby and you’ll be set!


As of this morning, we’ve been told that the event is SOLD OUT – This is the fifth year in a row that all tickets have been snapped up prior to the festival! You might still find people trying to sell theirs on the UNIFY GATHERING 2019 event page on Facebook HERE, but do be wary of any opportunists. Ticket holders should make sure they have their E-ticket PDF or phone handy for the big day!

Getting There

How are you getting to Unify? Options:

  • Banana Bus Festival Transport – With so many pick-up points across Melbourne, this seems like a really handy option for the car-less. Book HERE!
  • Driving – It’s a scenic view and the perfect time to brush up on your favourite Spotify playlists in preparation (Here’s a good one)! You could enjoy the serenity solo, or carpool with friends who also have good taste in music to keep everyone alert and focused and entertained, and save money on petrol and car pass at the same time. Make sure you grab a car pass HERE!
  • Vanessa are THE organisation working hard to ensure festival goers arrive safe and sound!  Driving festival-goers can find Vanessa pitstops on the way to Unify at Cochranes Park and Leongatha Centenary Park.

But wait – Where IS Unify Festival?

The festival has a new home, but is still nestled in Tarwin Lower. Walkerville Road in Tarwin Lower will have you on the Unify doorstep. We’ve created a Google Maps map to include the Vanessa stops and also give a straightforward route from Melbourne CBD to the festival.

If you want to get in ASAP (depending on the ticket you have), these are the gate opening times:

FRIDAY – 9am

No Rain??

The weather gods are smiling upon us this year, with seemingly extremely LOW chance of it raining?! Regardless, anyone that knows Melbourne will know to be ready for potentially anything.

Here’s the forecast for Unify weather from the Bureau of Meteorology at the time of writing this:

  • THURSDAY – LOW 13 | HIGH 23*
  • FRIDAY – LOW 13 | HIGH 32*
  • SATURDAY – LOW 21 | HIGH 27
  • SUNDAY – LOW 16 | HIGH 29

* Extreme UV days: Use extra sun protection!

What To Pack

We like the list that the Unify folk shared (below) for music festival basics!  Your water bottle can be used at the water station for unlimited refills of chilled/filtered/still/sparkling water (this was a godsend in 2018!).

I’ll also be packing:

  • Phone & extra power brick
  • Clothes for 3 days (+ extras just in case)
  • A cheap rain poncho
  • Tent, sleeping bag, air mattress and anything else you want at your campsite
  • Toiletries (Note: There are showers at Unify but baby wipes are a really handy alternative!)
  • Convenient snacks that won’t melt or go off
  • Bag for rubbish

Now is the time to coordinate and plan your costumes, wigs, hats, inflatable items, or just a few comfy outfits that will fare well in the pit. And don’t forget the UNO cards. Also feel free to add to this list all the things like beer bongs that sensible music festival reviewers wouldn’t be packing because they are working hard and being good and angel-like.


Maybe you’ll be hanging at camp for a lot of your time at Unify, or maybe the Arena will be your home base. Regardless, here’s the map of your home for Unify! Check it out.. There’s bars, food vendors, rides, special space, hydration stations, and more! I’m excited just looking at this.


Rebranded from Unicoin, Pitcoin is the wristband setup for paying for goods at the festival. Once onsite, this is the process for all punters to get Pitcoin happening:

  1. Show ticket/phone on arrival
  2. Be provided the Pitcoin wristband in exchange
  3. Tap the wristband to pay for food, drinks, merch
  4. Top up at stations to add funds to the wristband

Once the festival is over, any unused credit will be refunded; either at The Convenience Store on Sunday 13th, or online up until midnight 27th January. Too easy, yeah? Let’s hope for technological blessings and ease.

The Music!

Thursday 10th January

While Unify Gathering officially starts on Friday, we have the pleasure of a pre-Unify event. The AM//PM legends are easing us into it in an emo and heavy fashion, with some of our favourite artists putting on some special sets to get us into the spirit and a dash of DJ-ing. There’ll also be food and drink options on the night.

Friday 11th January & Saturday 12th January

This is it. Two big days, stacked end to end with artists we’ve been dying to see. Some for the first time! Some long-awaited. We are beyond hyped and excited to show our appreciation in the arena!  (More about each HERE)

Artist Signings

This year Unify punters can also get up close and personal with some of their favourite musicians at the artist signings. Scheduled over Friday and Saturday, make sure you note the signing times you don’t want to miss.

Silent Disco

Unify visitors that aren’t done when the bands are done can dance into the night at the Silent Disco! From 2am to 4am, the campsite hub is where it’s at. It’s $10 entry and sounds like it’d be just as fun to watch as it would be to participate.

Sunday 13th January

Winding down this mammoth event is the perfect cruisy hangout: Sunday Sessions. If it’s anything like last year, this will be a really enjoyable hangout with your favourite musicians while they share some more sedate music. Perfect recovery session before we head back to civilisation!

A Preface

Lastly, leading up to the festival, the Unify Gathering team wish to remind us of key elements to keep us happy, healthy, supported, as well as aware of our surroundings. Music unites and we can enjoy it respectfully!

For all other details, questions, and information, we’d recommend heading to: https://unifygathering.com/

See you there!


Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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