Underoath – ihateit (New Music)

Underoath have recently released a video for “ihateit”; the expansive and darkly confessional seventh track from their Erase Me album. The sextet of Spencer Chamberlain, Aaron Gillespie, Tim McTague, Chris Dudley, Grant Brandell, and James Smith broke an eight year long hiatus with the release of the album, which saw them return more confidently in owning their own expression.

Flowing and honest, “ihateit” is intriguing from its beginning. Gentle admissions and explorative sound lead into gritty and huge choruses, which are addictive and catchy from the first listen onward. Our narrator is reflective of where he’s been, and the vulnerable expression of growth and expansion into truth again sparked goosebumps, as did the raw (and roaring) expansion at the bridge. “ihateit” shares the description of being drawn to something that feels toxic, which is visually explored in the music video.

The Caleb Mallery directed music video uses imagery of shadowy alleyways, of unseen faces, and seeming separate to a group while contained within it. Though it’s perhaps open for interpretation, in the midst of all of this darkness arrives an angel. Her blood is let into a goblet, and an invitation is shared to enjoy. With a sip of this blood, light floods the awareness and her wings are recognised. Like moths to a flame, the darkened figures draw near, setting up the potential for a dark outcome from this short term high.

The dance between the high and the damage is made clearly apparent in the new video, having the emotive power of “ihateit” hit even harder. Watch the new video via YouTube below.


Kel Burch

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