Trophy Eyes – Nose Bleed (Track Of The Day, 16th May)

Track Of The Day comes from Newcastle melodic punk band Trophy Eyes. “Nose Bleed” lies awkwardly at track five on the amazing, every-track-is-incredible Chemical Miracle album. It speaks about growing up with a difficult father-son relationship.

“Nose Bleed”‘s upbeat vibe seems a mismatch for an introspection on life growing up with a father that is emotionally unavailable. The song acknowledges that without any roots of connection growing up, there’s nothing to build on when the child is an adult. Heavy-handedness and other patterns handed down through generations are acknowledged as being how they are (‘I know you knew no different’), but that still doesn’t make for easy or automatic acceptance and love of the man as ‘father’.

“Taught to run
And die alone
Left you wasted by the phone
You sure made men out of us”

The track’s buoyancy works well in keeping the song feel reasonably light, despite its vulnerability and heaviness of topic. It’s resulted in a track that anyone with a questionable relationship with their dad can relate to, furiously screaming the sarcasm rich “YOU SURE MADE MEN OUT OF US” along with John Floreani.

The song goes off when played live, as you can see from this video from YouTube user Ashleigh Apples, which also has an introduction of the track “Chemical”.

Check out “Nose Bleed”, as well as the Chemical Miracle album in its entirety via Spotify.

Kel Burch

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