Trophy Eyes – More Like You (New Music)

Trophy Eyes have today released the second single from their upcoming album The American Dream. “More Like You” follows on from “You Can Count On Me”, and seems to add further evidence to my unspoken theory that the album will be a story shared across the album (much like HellionsOpera Oblivia), more than separate tracks of a similar theme. Over many many listens and scratching my head wondering how to word “More Like You”, and wondering if I can get away with referring to it as “a melodic hardcore version of The Lion King”, I pulled on my Trophy Eyes socks and got on with it.

Firstly, we’re hit with the vocal grandeur that we found in “You Can Count On Me”. The track opens with echoing “Ohh ohh ohh”‘s in swift riff territory, and a melody that’s bizarrely reminiscent of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”‘ chorus. The “ohh”s don’t really stop as this theatrical detailing of the ‘John Floreani musical’ begins. It’s already a slide into frustration of not fully being understood while slamming us with honesty, as in “You don’t know what goes on within this human”:

“Now that we’re done with introductions
You know a little more about me
You’re convinced that I’ve been honest
But I never touched on the dreams of drowning
Addiction and self-loathing
Obsessive compulsive routine of burning
The memories of all my failings so I don’t flinch at my reflections”

The drop out of the verse’s frustration takes us into a warmly voiced chorus where chants of “More like you, less like me” fold into layers of backing “ohh”s, pace with a skip to it, and guitars I’m falling for. Despite the rough topic of self-loathing that plays on a loop, the warmth of the chorus is endearing and gives a Disney-esque vibe of something hopeful to the whole experience.

It’s very very different, but also still Trophy Eyes. The guitar tones we know and love are there, as is the signature frustration courtesy of John Floreani’s voice. But there are lighter and more theatrical accents (how’s the “Ah!” after the first chorus) and seemingly more focus on vocals throughout.

“The only thing that I’m afraid of is I will live forever”

It’s amusing watching (myself and) everyone else try to make sense of this, in comparison to previous Trophy Eyes as well as of itself. I’ve personally decided to see “More Like You” (and “You Can Count On Me”) as one stop along the road to The American Dream that Trophy Eyes are sharing with the upcoming album, and stay open to experiencing the journey/story/opera as one whole piece. Is a stage show of the Trophy Eyes story part of this? Suddenly having the premiere of the album in a movie theatre (Aug 1st, Sydney) makes even more sense.

Pre-order The American Dream now HERE. The album is available 3rd August, via Hopeless Records.


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