Trophy Eyes – Friday Forever (New Music)

Not long now until the world gets to hear Trophy Eyes‘ third studio album The American Dream! Releasing this Friday (3rd August) via Hopeless Records, the twelve tracks touch on retrospective and introspective subject matter, and are painted with gorgeous lyrical imagery, and reinforced by the Trophy Eyes strength of sound that we know and love.

Today the Newcastle quintet of John Floreani (vocals), Kevin Cross (guitar), Andrew Hallat (guitar), Jeremy Winchester (bass), and Blake Caruso (drums), are releasing one last single and its music video: “Friday Forever”. Third on the upcoming album, the track is moving from its first listen and sparks something fresh and feelgood, feeling steady and progressive, enhanced by gorgeous bass.

The impression of climbing is palpable through the soaring track, easily letting the listener soak up the inspirational vibe. The shake-off-the-shackles-and-run chorus is both affectionate and connective. In the music video, directed by Warwick Hughes, we get to see John Floreani embracing this in full Friday vibes, dancing and singing in front of a mirror. It’s all very cute and sweet, to be honest!

“Friday Forever” is heartwarming as opposed to moments of heavy loneliness or isolation that we became familiar with in Chemical Miracle. This is observed not as one being better or worse than the other, it’s just different. There’s still a hint of loneliness with “Friday Forever” featuring what has to be one of my favourite lyrics of 2018 due to what it conjures visually and emotively, even in its simplicity:

“Is this what the clouds feel like? Surrounded and lonely at the same time”

Vocals are a stand-out on the track for me, with connective verses offering warm velvety sparks of reminiscence coupled with busy guitar. Sky high and flying, Trophy Eyes hit us even harder by involving heart-wrenching orchestral elements into the track (I suspect they want to make us cry or at least feel something. It works).

“Friday Forever” hits its peak as it comes to a close; hitting us with that stunning lyric again and again, yet expanding it into an outburst, supporting it with driven gang vocals, and toying with the majesty of this song all too easily with further melodic exploration of the cloud empathy. Stunning!

 The American Dream releases August 3rd via Hopeless Records and can be pre-ordered here: (We’re going to want this coming Friday forever…)


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