To Hell With Paradise – Forever (New Music)

Adelaide metalcore band To Hell With Paradise are new for 2017 and are a band we think are worth checking out. With three solid singles under their belt already, it was tough to choose one to share with you. Following on from “The Difference” and “Dead to Me”, their most recent is “Forever”, which the four piece released on 31st August.

To Hell With Paradise are Luke Taylor (vocals), Fraser Stiles (guitar), Dylan Manly (bass), and Darren Butson (drums). The guys refer to themselves as ‘new wave metalcore’. Given that their sound feels like a happy marriage between pop punk and metalcore, I can definitely get on board with their description.

“Forever” directs the band’s high energy toward what they have in their lives. “Forever” honours their connections, friendships, and the groundedness of home, as they offer up gratitude for their roots.

Their passionate declaration for their home comes aggressively pouring out in unclean vocals and gritty breakdowns, as well as being affirmed solid clean choruses, with a fast-paced excitement vibe, and sound bites of the band members’ banter.

The track is as uplifting as it is hard-hitting and definitely worth soaking up.


Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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