Premiere: Tired Eyes – Unforgiveness

As we edge closer toward the release date for Tired Eyes‘ debut EP In Denial, Force A Smile, the Brisbane band are sharing one more track. We’re proud to premiere “Unforgiveness” today, which is the first of the six tracks on the EP, and one heck of a way to kick it off.

Arriving onto the scene just this year, my impression of Tired Eyes is that they are metaphorical slow cooking chefs that have mastered the art of creating nourishing pieces of music: Time is taken to bring each piece deliciously to life, seasonings are gently added and adjusted, flavours are given time to imbue. It’s a careful simmering until the brew is just right for Tired Eyes’ members Joey Keating (guitar, vocals), Jesse Kampkes (bass, vocals), Judah Kampkes (keys), and Samuel Peacock (drums).

Food metaphors aside, while “Unforgiveness” is brief in length, it’s broad in its dynamic of sound. Gentle and ethereal at times, but also raw and strong at others, “Unforgiven” takes us into the vulnerable space of a heart that still hopes in amongst the hurt. In my review of In Denial, Force A Smile, I described the mostly-instrumental track as heavy-hearted and looking for answers, strengthening progressively with building drums, with guitar screech accents that punch the searching vibe home. If you could see this track, it’d be laid out in front of you like a smooth piece of golden thread with a tangled knot in its centre.

“Unforgiveness aside, do you still hear me?”

Joey Keating shared that “Unforgiveness” was always supposed to be a teaser for listeners, and that it was lyrically based on a question he had. “It was to draw people in and get their attention. The lyrics of the song were written from an experience I had with a minister who once told me that if I have unforgiveness in my heart towards anyone or anything that God wouldn’t hear my prayers. Even now, knowing that that this statement is very far from any form of truth, the question still lingers.”

In Denial, Force A Smile releases on Friday (29th June). In the meantime, here’s “Unforgiveness” to get you (even more) hyped for the EP:


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