Thornhill – Coven (New Music)

Good news! “Coven” has landed! The much anticipated new track from Thornhill is now officially available for our listening pleasure, after premiering by Good Nights on Triple J yesterday.

Beginning with the band’s instrumentation feeling distant and buried, “Coven” opens out into a floaty and ethereal vocal focus. Drums and guitar paint an ultimatum vibe while vocalist Jacob Charlton calls “Give me all your attention so I can feed”.

Barely a minute in, “Coven” shares an eerie vampiric vibe of oppressive ownership. Static and noisy as it continues, tumbling downward, Thornhill fans will already be nodding their heads, because this is one heck of a sweet tune with a ridiculously satisfying chorus.

“Fall with me into what never ends
No light in our descent”

“Coven” is dreamy and beckoning in moments of openness before packing savage punches with an urgency to escape. Maybe ‘punch’ isn’t the right word when I’m meaning cavernous breakdowns with hair-raising roars (“SAVE YOURSELF AND RUN!”) accompanied by searing riffs.

Returning to barely there and hard to grasp flowingness, “Coven” comes across as being haunted by something. It’s a dance of manipulation that swings between something that’s sweet and inviting or toxic and destructive. The track is atmospherically stunning as well as packing a Thorny punch, especially as it comes to a close, offering up some really satisfying guitar savagery.

The track features additional backing vocals by Isabel Charlton, which add further lightness to what Thornhill have created. Written and produced by Thornhill and engineered by Lance Prenc, “Coven” also had bassist Nick Sjogren on mixing and mastering and vocal engineering. There’s a lot going on in “Coven” and this beauty is best soaked up with good headphones!

Catch it live on the Coven Tour!

[Image courtesy of Liam Davidson]
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